Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the Benefits of Salt Water as a Mouth Rinse?

Answer: Alcohol-free (no burning), Non allergenic, Non irritating to sensitive oral tissues, Environmentally friendly, Naturally antibacterial

Question: Why choose Saltrinse?

Answer: Saltrinse is double purified, all natural, stronger than the ocean and convenient to use. No mixing, chemistry knowledge, or kitchen laboratories needed!

Question: How do I use Saltrinse?

Answer: You can gargle or rinse with a capful of Saltrinse several times each day!   Make sure to spit though, Saltrinse is not intended to be swallowed.

Question: Is Saltrinse Safe?

Answer: Yes. Salt Water Rinses have been used safely and effectively for hundreds of years.

Question: Where can I buy Saltrinse?

Answer: You can buy it right here on our shop page!